Mslexia Diary 2013

A couple of hours ago, I purchased by very first Mslexia diary. I have been a subscriber to Mslexia for about six years, but have always talked myself out of buying the diary due to the cost and the fact I am usually nervous about change. I generally like my diaries thick, plain and black. However, something clicked when I read that the Mslexia diary this year would be focusing on the theme of collaboration, something which I am hugely interested in doing more of. It also features, like usual, plenty of writing exercises, inspirational quotes and advice. So, I bit the bullet and sent £12.99 over to Mslexia, a process which took all of thirty seconds. Not having to go out and hunt high and low meant I could go straight back to editing my novel. Can’t wait to receive it in a few days and get cracking writing deadlines and other such important things. No doubt I’ll shove some images on here and let you know how I find it. The only thing is…I wish it came in black. Then again, I guess I can always customise it…

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, here is the link.