365 Poems/53 Great Adventure (Rough First Draft)

Great Adventure

I want to think

it will be a great adventure,

and when I smile,

people will notice my eyes first.


I want to think

when I go out, wolf will emerge,

fearlessly, quickly, with passion.


I want to think

when I start on my great adventure,

I will know how not to be afraid,

(unless you look really, really carefully).


I want to think

I’ll be all about the obsession

with strange, new places,

that I’ll be the perfect target for creative’s

and people who stroke the arms of ghosts.


I want to think

this new adventure I’m taking

will be a triumph. That I’ll start to walk on floors

where there are crumbs from toast I didn’t make.


I want to think

the days before this adventure

these days, now, will all be forgotten in a year,

because then I’ll have huge memories

that would have overtaken and flourished.