365 Poems/44 Some (Rough First Draft)



Some people know what it is like

to be followed around charity shops

to be bailed out by parents

to be bailed out by brothers

to be turned down for a job as a sandwich artist at Subway

to be turned down for a job at a Greggs Discount Bakery

to be lost in a head for weeks with no exit signs

to be constantly empty

to have to choose at the checkout between rice cakes or pesto

to be told to lower expectations

to be told to stop being so angry

to be constantly asked what’s happening

to be told not cross any lines

to be told not to bail when the going gets tough

to be shown how to look for jobs on the internet

to be shown how to turn on a computer

to have two grandparents die within months of each other

to have a friend die of cystic fibrosis

to consider suicide as a real possibility

some people know and other people don’t.


(Inspired by Rita Ann Higgins’s poem Some People)