The Igloo

“An igloo is very pretty when it is new, when it has just been finished and the iglerk, the flat couch of snow that rises about fifteen inches from the floor, has been smoothed down. It is so pretty, so white so pure with its little heaps of powdered snow at the base of the meeting of the blocks, that one is afraid to move in it for fear of soiling it. But the miraculous industry of the Eskimo soon removes this sense of caution and daintiness. In less than a day the igloo is cosy and homelike: everything is spattered and maculated; the heaps of objects brought inside create great black spots where they lie; the ground is strewn with the debris of fish spat forth in the course of eating; everywhere there are stains of fish blood and droppings of puppies (puppies are allowed indoors).”

Kabloona by Gontran De Poncins.