Mum’s are great aren’t they. ‘I’ll be there in ten minutes love.’ A couple of minutes later. ‘Sorry, I’ll be there in half an hour love.’ In the past I would have wailed and moaned and kicked something. But I’m 26 now. I’m past that sort of behaviour. (Mostly.) Instead, I try to make the most of the ‘extra time’ the lateness has granted. Today, instead of untying and re-tying my boots, I decided to get the ENJOY moment written up and done. Here it is.

Now, my body and I haven’t always been such good friends. For about ten years I treated it with a complete lack of respect. I starved it and hurt it and punished it. At one point, I didn’t really have much of a body at all, and what was left pretty much fell to pieces. However, despite me acting like a complete twat towards my precious shell, my body slowly put itself back together again. It took a while. It was bound to. Torn, thin skin takes a long time to heal and developing muscle is a time-consuming process.

I still don’t think that I am being the best owner of my body that I could be. I think I must have been about 13 when I last respected the ritual of daily skin care. For over a decade it’s been ‘Right. Cheapest shit. That’ll do. Bung it in the basket. It’ll get used when it gets used.’ I’m talking about my body and my face. It’s only recently that I’ve been leaning away from chemical based bad stuff. It’s been hard to do, like, after you’ve been in the same rut for years. ‘Crap. Can’t I just get the 99p stuff? Do I really have to look at the ingredients? Will it really make a difference to my skin, really?’ Last week I made the decision that I was going to moisturise my body every single day. At first, it seemed like a chore. Like I was wasting precious time by slathering this cold, nice smelling, natural goodness all over me, and I could be doing something better, like writing. But now, well, I’ve started to enjoy it. I’ve started to enjoy the ‘strictly me’ time, when I can lock myself in the bathroom and just go wild with my skin care regime. I’m past the halfway mark in my twenties, and it’s dawned on me that taking care of my body is a real priority. I can’t keep saying ‘oh yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow. Fuck it. I’ll do it the next day. Oh, my skin doesn’t feel dry, I’ll just do it next week.’ Someone once said that they wish they’d taken better care of their neck when they were younger. And that’s stuck with me. I love my neck.

I can see a ‘SALE’ sign from a mile away. Conveniently today, the sale sign I spotted was on the Body Shop store front. I generally get approached once by the staff, then left alone. (But watched.) I must look quite fierce when trying to decide between watermelon or cucumber cleansing lotion.