Terrasubarctica – A Beautiful Blog

Terrasubarctica is a beautiful and fascinating blog which is well worth checking out. Tom Hendry is a new writer who is steadily finding his voice through short stories and novellas. His writing just gets better and better.

Terra-subarctica is a literary project that will explore dark and overgrown trails which are best left forgotten. It aims to breathe new life into the ancient gods that once made them (even though they’d prefer to be left alone). It aims to disturb and animate the ghosts of Northern lands, whose graves are pissed on by the Wolverine.

The project, whilst primarily fictional, will explore Arctic and subarctic lands, the mythologies that made them, and the characters that inhabit them. The journeys take place in the future, with echoes of the past to harmonise them.

Interested? Check out the link and let Tom know what you think of his work.