Room by Emma Donoghue

I don’t know why I avoided this gem for so long. It was like with HP. I avoided that for years only to discover that I fucking loved it. (I think at the time I was big into Interview with the Vampire, and didn’t want to be like ‘all the rest’ enthralled by the boy wizard.) The story is narrated by five year old Jack who lives with his Ma in Room. One thing that I was looking forward to about this book was the narration. I like it when authors steer clear of what it expected. Jack’s voice is so well executed and the detail, oh, the detail is fucking exquisite. You are in this kids head through the entire novel. Donoghue never falters.

I choose Meltedy Spoon with the white all blobby on the handle when he leaned on the pan of boiling pasta by accident. Ma doesn’t like Meltedy Spoon but he’s my favourite because he’s not the same.

It’s halfway through the novel when ‘Plan B’ twists Jack and Ma’s world in an entirely different direction, and they have to face up to new challenges and expectations. I have to admit that the major event that occurs in the middle of the novel was unexpected but welcomed.

I finished this book in record time. Unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Hugely satisfying. Well worth getting your hands on. Room definitely deserved  all the hype.