I’ve harped on about this magazine before but I am going to harp on about it again because I FUCKING LOVE THIS PUBLICATION. It’s from Australia and it costs £6.50 and hell hell hell, it’s the best thing that £6.50 can buy you. I love it so much that I’m in WH Smith weeks before it comes out, rooting through pretentious fashion garb looking for it, in the hope that by some chance in a bazillion it’ll be there early. It never is. I’ve started asking the staff what day it comes out so I can be there.

So, what’s so great about Frankie then? Well, along with the quietly magnificent ‘Oh Comely,’ it inspired me to start up my own culture magazine ‘Big Eyes.’ Its printed on the most gorgeous paper, it’s chock full with fascinating, odd ball stuff and it smells amazing. It smells like the Baltic gift shop. Which, I can assure you, is a gorgeous smell of wood and expensive paper and ink. The writing is intelligent and funny and sassy. The photography is raw and unapologetic. The illustrations are things to be cut up and framed. (If you are into that sort of thing.) The layout and design is retro and kooky and so bloody awesome. It’s off the wall and heaped with crafty individuals giving themselves a real shot at life and their creative passions. Every page is like a little work of art. It’s all so freaking inspiring!

In Issue 49 there’s so much good stuff that I had to make a massive decision before sitting down with it. The decision was whether I should have a Frankie binge and finish it all in one go, or should I be good and savour it, a few pages at a time, at randomly selected times of the day (or night) when I need a pick up and I cup of tea. I decided to savour it. And I’m glad I did because it’s so bloody rich and thick with good stuff.

I want to be the Frankie Ambassador for England. I want to shout from the fucking moor tops that this is what everyone should be reading. I’ve never been that into Australia, but reading about all the amazing, creative stuff that is going over there is making me see it in an entirely different light.