I would like to recommend…Anya Grainger/Graphic Designer

I’ve recently made the decision to put my poetry onto postcards. Everyone loves a good postcard…don’t they? Well, I know I do. They’re probably my biggest expenditure when I’m off travelling abroad, or even when I’m up in the Lake District. I spend more time hunting down postcards than anything else. Anyway, to assist me with this new, and exciting project, I’ve enlisted the help of some outstanding graphic designers. One of them is called Anya Grainger, and I was so impressed with some work she did for me for my latest magazine project that I just had to get her involved. She’s a graphic design graduate with absolutely heaps of talent, potential and drive. One of the things that I admire about Anya is her attention to detail. This girl knows what she is doing and hell, she does it so well. Anya is also excellent at providing work in good time and her communication skills are first class. But enough with me rattling on. Here are some examples of her work to prove just how outstanding she really is.

The following are images taken from Anya’s site of a magazine supplement, and image to accompany a book review and a band poster:

For more information about Anya and her work, please check out her site: