Iron Fist Magazine – My Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, I’m exceptionally picky about the magazines I’ll take off the shelf and buy. (If you’re interested in the sort of mags I read, go back a few entries and you’ll find a list.) I’m also constantly on the lookout for the ‘next great thing’ in magazine publications. Being a metal head, I read Zero Tolerance to get my essential extreme metal intake, and it’s been that way for a really long time. ZT comes in a useful, compact size for starters, the writing is flawless and the vast knowledge of the contributors is hugely inspiring. I like to savour ZT. It’s a magazine which is so fucking rich with new, absorbing information that I like to make it last, and not overwhelm myself by reading it all the way through during one sitting.

I was intrigued when I first heard about Iron Fist on Facebook and was chuffed to come across a stash of them in WH Smith (Carlisle store). The front cover grabbed me by the scruff and before I knew it, I was striding to the checkout with it. The inside layout could do with a bit of a play around, but for the first issue it’s pretty darn good. I have to say, however, that the layout and overall feel of the interview with Erik Danielsson of Watain was first class. The writing throughout isn’t as ‘in depth’ as you get in ZT, so it might not be ‘quite enough’ for some. But perhaps it’s good to have a variation of depth.

The variety of genres Iron Fist covers will satisfy the cravings of any metal head. The cover screams HEAVY METAL! THRASH! DOOM! DEATH! BLACK! THE ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND BIBLE. You get a fair dosage of everything. Though me being me, I’d prefer a tad more Black, thank you very much. I enjoyed the two page spread about the remarkable Sharon Ehman of Toxic Vision, whose breath-taking clothing designs and gorgeous, ahem, arse have numbed, and continue to numb the forefingers of thousands of metal heads, who stamp LIKE on her Facebook page, as she churns out extraordinary designs at a remarkable pace.

It was nice to have the odd surprise, for example a feature about the metal scene over in India. Stuff like this makes for interesting reading and helps broaden perspectives and connect metal heads worldwide. I can highly praise the mammoth review section. Top quality there. Overall, I think that Issue one is an excellent effort and I’m looking forward to seeing future issues and following the development of this new kid on the block.