The World’s Most Fantastic Freaks…

Inspiration for my next poetry collection is coming from a wide range of sources, including feral children, unexplained phenomena, Captain Scott and old age. I’m a curious young woman, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, which I then love to craft into something and share. I aim for my writing to broaden peoples viewpoints, to perhaps introduce them to something they hadn’t stopped to ponder about before, to make their curiosity greater or, to simply provide writing which stretches their imagination, satisfies them and isn’t easily forgotten in the rush of life.

Part of my research so far has included reading such (ahem) ‘classics’ as ‘The World’s Most Fantastic Freaks’ and other such literary feasts. They used to be my Auntie’s books and before I hit double figures, I devoured them. Reading them nowadays though is, well, unsurprisingly an entirely different experience. They are, quite frankly, terrible books. The writing is appalling and the ‘stories’ clumsy. It’s as if the authors’ really couldn’t be arsed, and put the books together during taxi rides home after nights on the lash.  I’m not sure what to do with my small collection of the ‘World’s Most…’ Well, I do really – dump them in the recycling bin.