Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer

So, after using it for over twenty years, and observing the recent immense refurbishment on an almost daily basis, it turns out that I’m finally getting my feet under the table at Stockton Library. Well, part way under the table at least. This summer I am going to be acting as a library volunteer, encouraging children to take part in and complete the summer reading challenge. You can click here for more info on the scheme: Saves me from waffling on!


And here:

The national Summer Reading Challenge, coordinated by The Reading Agency, is run in 97% of UK public libraries.

With 780,000 children aged 4-11 taking part, the Summer Reading Challenge is the biggest national reading initiative. It runs in libraries throughout the summer holidays, with incentives, activities and events designed to create a real buzz around children’s reading. The challenge is simple – to read six or more library books over the summer.

I don’t think I ever took part in this sort of challenge when I was a young un. But I do know I read more, many more than six books over six weeks. We’ve been asked to encourage the children to not read all the books at once, but to spread them out over the six weeks. Now, if this had been me, I couldn’t help but read them all within a few days or so. Makes me wonder what we’re going to do with the little passionate sparks who just want to read all six in a week for the pleasure of it. Time shall tell!

I’ve been a regular visitor to Stockton library for the majority of my 25 years, and today it still continues to play a gigantic role in my development as a writer and a young, independent woman. Having the opportunity to take part in this volunteer work means more to me than I can express without getting all soppy.

Turns out there is also going to be a reading list of children’s books for the volunteers – exciting stuff!