Statement of Intent

Where has the year gone? Last time I looked, it was January and I could see my breath in my bedroom. This blog entry is an important one for me. It is my declaration of intent.  I’ve made the conscious decision this month to do three things every single day – without fail. Write a daily blog entry, write a daily diary entry and finally, write a daily poem. As you can see, each includes writing, both personal and public. My mental health, emotional wellbeing and general ‘okay-ness’ depends on writing, as I have stressed time and again in past entries. It is as simple as that. Without writing, I curl up into myself and suffer. I suffer tremendously. I’m not overreacting here. Any writing who takes their craft seriously will know exactly where I am coming from. That horrible feeling you get in your chest, a tightness like someone is twisting a dozen, rusty screws in your heart. That shortness of breath when your day has been devoid of creativity. Okay, I know, life happens. I have recently come off the dole and started a proper paid job for the first time in years. It has changed my life…in a good way of course. It means I can go to Asda and buy milk, bread and malt wheaties without having to worry about going into my overdraft. But it also means that my ‘writing time’ has been somewhat restricted. But for people like me, creativity must, must, must get a look in, even if it is only for five minutes during a break at work. I am looking at ways of injecting creativity into my job, be that sharing stories with customers or opening up to fellow members of staff. (For example I was talking to a 17 year old work colleague about not giving up her dream of becoming a journalist. Apparently, she had been told by the editor of a leading regional newspaper that ‘there is no hope’ and she should just ‘give up.’ I told her, quite frankly, that this was bollocks, that she should never give up her dream. I really hope she listened and took on board what I’d said. I’ve been there in the past, I’ve been told to ‘give up.’ Have I ever given up on something I feel passionate about? Have I fuck.) But I understand this is a process that might take some time. So, this month I am going to think about ‘me.’ I’m going to ensure that these three daily tasks are done before I put my head down and rest.