Just Can’t Get Enough – New Poem (1st Draft)

Just Can’t Get Enough

I watched a fox last night,

sneak through a hedge,

then a fence, into

a school playground,

something dead in its mouth.


I wonder what the children

would have done

if they’d seen it.


Would they have known

it was a fox and not a dog?


There’s no option

to explore the forest,

even though a forest is often

what a child needs most.


Children don’t pretend anymore.

They don’t down get on all fours

and howl at the early moon,

from the rock overlooking

the village near the village

where their house is.


Children don’t hear footsteps

or echoes nowadays.

Learning languages

is thought of as pointless

when Google can just translate.


The internet flows endlessly,

days get lost, left behind

with no proper, solid experiences

at the bottom of the net.


It is not a wonderful time

to be a child. It is a strange time,

full of half baked, ludicrous ideas.


Will children have memories

in years to come? Or will it just

be one long, seamless entry

on Facebook?


I remember something

being triggered deep

when I would pass

from the village into the forest.


I became a wolf.


Now, there’s no

‘choose your own adventure’

option anymore.


Children are running

in the wrong direction,

leaving wet trees and sparkling webs

behind, leaving tadpoles

in puddles to dry out

and die.