When You Exist – New Poem (First Draft)

When You Exist

I will wrap crystals in pieces of soft tissue,

and put them under your pillow

instead of money, and over breakfast,

we will talk about their healing properties

and why they should be held close.


You will store yours in the inside pocket

of your favourite coat.


I’ll teach you about trees and the mushrooms

you can pick to fry with garlic butter, and eat

with fresh bread.


Your Dad will teach your about birds,

mythology and politics.


You’ll have weak tea in your bottle

with just a bit of sugar,

and I’ll take you to metal festivals,

and gigs in the basements of bars,

with hearing protectors on your perfect ears,

so you can sleep while the floor shakes.


When you’re older, you’ll be encouraged

to makes dens in the woods, but will know

exactly what to do when there is a black bear with cubs.