New Magazine! Big Eyes! New Magazine! Big Eyes!

The prep for the first issue is going very well indeed! But I still need help to fill the pages that are left. Please check out the stuff below and see if any of it appeals to you. (:

Odds & Ends:

Have you read a damn good book recently? Or listened to a album that you’ve had on repeat for days? Has a film changed the way you think? Tell all in a 300 words review. It can be something from the early 60’s or something that was released just last week. Send words to:



Where have you been recently that you want to rave about? Send me 1,000 words and a handful of photographs. Words and pictures to:



What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever found at a carboot sale? Send a picture of the marvellous item and 300 words about it to:


I am requesting submissions of:

short stories / 1,000 words

poetry / 40 lines max

art / illustration, photography

Please send work (2 pieces max) to:


I am looking for pieces of writing about your bookshelf, or a part of a shelf on your bookcase. Send in a picture (drawing or photography) and 500 words about the books in the picture and what they mean to you. Send your words and pictures to:


Do you have a special notebook/notebooks? Tell me stuff about it/them in 300 words.  Words and pictures to: