Big Eyes Magazine – Do you want to be involved?


Full-On Curiosity




I am looking for someone to help me design the Big Eyes logo. It will be used for the magazine cover and material associated with Big Eyes. If you think you can help, please get in touch by the 20th March at



1.      What are you wearing?

I’m looking for 6 people to talk about their shoes in 300 words. If you are interested, please send a photo of your shoes and integrate the following questions into the 300 words: Where are they from? How long have you had them? What do you like about them?

Send the picture of your shoes along with your 300 words and your name/age/occupation to:

Deadline 16th April.

2.      Whitby Goth Weekend

If you are going along to WGW this year and would like to write an article about your experience and the significance that the festival has for you, please get in touch at: by the 25th March with your idea.

3.      Are you an artistic soul working in your desired creative arts field?

I am looking for two creative individuals to interview about their occupation. If you feel like you have some sound advice to give to people who need support, encouragement and advice about getting work in the creative arts sector then please get in touch at: by 25th March.

4.      Tattoo me yes, tattoo me no

I need three people to interview about tattooing. I need a person whose career is in tattooing. A person who has one or more tattoos and a person who doesn’t have tattoos and has no intention of  getting any. Please get in touch at: by 25th March.


5.      Short stories, poetry & art

I am requesting submissions of:

short stories / 1,000 words

poetry / 40 lines max

art / illustration, photography

Please send work (2 pieces max) to:

Deadline 16th April.

6.      Notebooks

Do you have a special notebook? Tell me about it. You can even send a picture if you like. I am writing a feature about notebooks and would love to hear about yours. Send your words/picture to:

Deadline 25th March.

7.      My Bookshelf

I am looking for four pieces of writing about your bookshelf, or a part of a shelf on your bookcase. Send in a picture (drawing or photography) and 500 words about the books in the picture and what they mean to you. Send your words and pictures to:

Deadline 16th April

8.      Travel

Where have you been recently that you want to rave about? Send me 1,000 words and a handful of photographs. Send your words and pictures to:

Deadline 16th April

9.      Carboot

What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever found at a carboot sale? Send a picture of the marvellous item and 300 words about it to:

Deadline 16th April

10.  Odds & Ends

Have you read a damn good book recently? Or listened to a album that you’ve had on repeat for days? Has a film changed the way you think? Tell all in a 300 words review. It can be something from the early 60’s or something that was released just last week. Send words to:

Deadline 16th April.


11.  So…mental health

I am hoping to find an individual who suffers from a mental health problem and wouldn’t mind being interviewed about it. I’m also looking for someone who has overcome a mental illness. If you feel you fit the bill, please get in touch at:

Deadline 25th March.