Beautiful Scruffiness Issue 4

They came today. In two boxes. 100 pristine copies of Beautiful Scruffiness Issue 4. And I am very, very proud. I only opened the box at 11am this morning and I’ve already sold five copies. You better one while you can because when they’re gone they’re gone. And at £4 well, you can’t complain. The price of a chai latte in Starbucks is nearly that, and it only lasts you a couple of minutes because they don’t know how to make hot drinks in there! A copy of BS on the other hand, will last you forever. I’m going to treat you to some sneak peaks.





As the editor I am extremely critical, but, to be perfectly honest, the only problem I have with Issue 4 is that some of the text is too light. The light text was supposed to be red, but we couldn’t afford colour throughout so we had to have it done in black and white. But it was too late to ask the printer to change the text colour. However, I can assure you that this slight hitch does not, and I repeat does not affect your reading and enjoyment of the magazine. All I can say is that we live and learn.