Teach Yourself: Understand Counselling By Aileen Milne.

Teach Yourself: Understand Counselling By Aileen Milne.

So, in September I started a course in Counselling at a local college. Our tutor told us at this stage everything we need to know is done during class time. However, if we want to do our own reading and research we were more than welcome. Course, me being me I wanted to read and read it all. So I made the same mistake that I always make and took out a heap of books. The majority were too intense and full on, so after a few days  I took all the thick tomes back and instead came home with one, yup, Understand Counselling by the ever reliable, easy going Teach Yourself series. (I’ve used a lot of Teach Yourself books in the past ten years. Teach Yourself Norwegian, Teach Yourself Icelandic, Teach Yourself Creative Writing and so on.) Written by a trained counsellor with more than fifteen years of professional experience, I was confident it would fulfil my new learning needs and be an excellent re-introduction out of the classroom. This book cuts through the jargon and covers all the main counselling approaches, from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (my personal favourite and one I have used throughout my life) and Person-Centred Therapy to the Psychodynamic approach. Each chapter is laid out in a wonderfully straightforward way, beginning with a concise list of what you will learn, succinct information, insights from the author’s own experience, bullet points, exercises for yourself and your client, case studies and suggestions as well as highlighted things to remember at the end of the chapter. I found it a an insightful read, which helped me to understand specific things I struggled to get my head around, and expand my knowledge on other areas. The truly excellent aspect about this book is that it gets you to think about your own wellbeing, (as you need to be well to be able to assist your client) including how you cope with anger and stress. I would highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out in counselling.