Book Review: The Way of Fuck It

Book Review: The Way of Fuck It
By John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini, Hay House, 2009

This ‘self-help’ book is really quite unique. But I like it. A lot. Why? Because it gives one simple answer to so many ‘problems.’ You’ve guessed it. Just say FUCK IT! Say Fuck It and live like you’ve never had to worry about money. Say Fuck It and eat it. Fuck It. Say yes when you’d usually say no. The short, inspirational thoughts are accompanied by what can only be described as uber cute illustrations. It’s had some cracking reviews from the broadsheets and things like Metro magazine. I’d say this is a really good one to have on the shelf to remind yourself that actually, a lot of the time it really is just a matter of saying fuck it and moving on.