Iceland: Scaftafell, Day 3:Góðan daginn – Good day

Sunday. 5th.  June. 2011

We were advised not to have stuff lying around our tent in the event that we would need to be evacuated because of volcanic activity. Can you imagine being told this? Pretty crazy, huh. (I’m writing this in the morning of the 26th of August, and last night I had a dream about a horrendous volcano eruption that scared me shitless. It’s strange to think that when I was over in Iceland, nothing of the sort bothered me in the slightest.)

I was on the cooking team for breakfast, and porridge was on the menu. I’d almost forgotten how god damn good the stuff is! I could save a fortune if I had it every day back home.

The Trail Team Recipe for one person:

1 cup porridge

1 cup water

1 cup milk

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what to do with it.

We spent the rest of Sunday hiking, and, basically, words can’t do the six hour walk justice. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. I’ll give you the pictures.

It was quite peculiar not seeing any wildlife other than the odd bird every now and again. Tom and I were always on the lookout for the only native land mammal in Iceland – The Arctic Fox. But there was no way we were going to see one with such a large group. We’d have to go out looking by ourselves. We were still early in the summer season, so fortunately walkers were few and far between. Every way I turned, during the entire walk, presented me with a different, magnificent, almost overwhelming view. It dawned on me that I was going to be a speck, if that, in the country. The landscape rules and chooses.

Very early on, I felt I needed to explain my ‘look’ to the rest of the team, because I wasn’t decked in my usual black attire. I tried not to let the ‘normal’ clothes thing and the blonde, shorter hair get to me, but it did. Massively. To the point where I was obsessing about it. I wanted everybody to know that what I looked like at that time wasn’t what I usually looked like. Looking back now, I think it was silly of me to buy stuff that I was going to have to wear for three months and that I knew I was going to feel uncomfortable in because it saved me a few quid.