31 Letters in 31 Days: Letter 30 – Dear Auntie Amanda

Dear Auntie Amanda,


I was a fat baby, and you’ve never stopped telling me. I’m okay with it now; I’m past that stage where the smallest thing can offend. My earliest memory of you, I think, was when you made those cardboard racing car beds. I think I slept in one. Apparently, we used to argue, when I was three and you were a teen. I used to think I was so cool, riding in the front of the car with you, when you had your 90’s music blasting and your hair was ice white. I remember you telling me Father Christmas wasn’t real, and I was truly devastated. I was convinced I had seen him, minutes ago, outside of your bedroom window. I cried my eyes out when you left the room, and repeated to myself ‘he must be’ over and over and over again. That Christmas, my life changed a little bit.


You used to give me all your awesome books, like The World’s Greatest Blunders, The World’s greatest Mysteries, the World’s Greatest Murders and The World’s Greatest Ghosts. Choose your own adventure books and, of course the Vampire Chronicles, amongst many other Anne Rice novels. You let me watch Interview with the Vampire before I was ‘of age.’ I remember you saying ‘go and choose a video to watch.’ I had been eyeing ‘Interview’ for a good year or so. I thought you’d refuse, and laugh at me, telling me to put it back and choose something like Homewood Bound or Beethoven. But you took it out of the box and played it. That was one of the happiest days of my life.