31 Letters in 31 Days: Letter 15 – Dear Nordmarka

Dear Nordmarka, (Oslo, Norway)

My boyfriend and I made the journey to you in the heart of winter. We were the only two non-skiers it seemed in your vast, snow covered region at 8.30 am. When we arrived at your way in, the trees were creaking and it took me a while to fully appreciate the splendour of the snowfall. It had disguised you. Yet, you still looked as enchanting, if not more so, than you had done in summer, when all the trees stood proud, green and silent. We walked in the tracks of the skiers sometimes for ease, until an arrogant American told us off. My ranger boots were not the right things to be wearing, as the snow came up to my waist in many places, and before long, my feet were soaked through and cold. I kept on standing in spots where the snow was too soft, and my legs would sink in at awkward angles. But it was all part of the fun. I kept on needing to stop. I had never seen anything as beautiful as you looked in winter. You literally took my heart away and played with it. We went for hours without seeing a soul, and it was so quiet, in the places where the trees were too close to make noises. We came across the tracks of a snow hare and ate lefse, without talking. You were so spectacular, I felt bad for walking through you, leaving deep gorges in your temporary layer of skin. But the snow would be back again soon, and fill in the marks we made on you.