31 Letters in 31 Days: Letter 13- Dear Body

Dear Body,

It’s been tough, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for all the agony I’ve put you through over the years, starving you, abusing you, loathing you, when you had done nothing but support me. I remember, ten years ago, when I stopped eating properly, and started treating you like a slave, making you run on empty for weeks, months, years. No wonder you started to deteriorate well before your time. No wonder your bones are brittle and weak, your blood slow and your nerves shattered. I am sorry body. You never deserved any of it. I am building you up again, with love, care and attention. The curves I have slowly put back on cling to you like loving admirers. The shape you are now shows your wellness and good health. I know something’s about you can never be made whole again, and for that I am deeply sorry. I have recently got used to the ‘new you,’ and I feel proud that we are working together as a team, rather than me as the slave driver that nearly drove you to your doom. Yes, we have our off days, but the magical moments, when I realise I can move all of you, and you play along and take me cycling, walking and climbing, makes up for the days when I want to cover you up, from head to toe and ignore you.