31 Letters in 31 Days: Letter 6 – Dear Anorexia Nervosa

Dear Anorexia Nervosa,
It’s been two years since I dumped you for the final time, and believe it or not, I have never looked back. I never look at the hideous pictures of you and I splattered over the internet like sour milk. I am happy to be separated from you. There, I said it. I bet you never thought that would happen. Like a vampire, you drained me of absolutely everything, everything that was good about me. And your persistent whining, fuck, I’m glad I don’t have to put up with that anymore. Nag, nag, nag all the time. I am over the moon that I don’t have to get up with you at stupid o clock in the morning anymore, so you could have your way. I know, for a fact, that you tried it on with loads of my friends. They hate you as much as I do now. I don’t know how you manage to sucker so many of them when you are such a possessive, insensitive fuck. Then again, I fell for your ‘so called charms,’ didn’t I? You promised me the world and stabbed me in the back with my own bread knife. You were an impolite bastard to all of my family and treated them like shit. I’m really happy right now. I’m everything you never wanted me to be; curvy, sociable, and able to eat anything I want. Right now I’m drinking a full fat grande chai latte in Starbucks. I’ve just eaten a bag of chocolate covered popcorn, and it was delicious. Life is far superior that it ever was with you, you waste of space, you cunt that nearly killed me. I don’t wish you happiness or success and like a warrior, I will keep you from the door, until you realise that you are not going to get anywhere with me, and slink off into the cold night.