Writing Submissions May 2011


This month, I am aiming to send at least one submission away every day. The submissions can be a copy of Beautiful Scruffiness, One of Many Knots a poetry competition entry, short stories, and you get the drift. If I manage to send more than one away, then that’s a bonus. Course, I’ll keep this blog updated with my failures and successes and, fingers crossed, photos of accepted submissions. Every day in April, I wrote either a poem or a short story, so I actually have 30 pieces of work right there that I can spruce up and send away. I’m keeping detailed logs of everything that I do send away in to the big, bad world, having learnt from my mistakes of not writing down where I sent something and then sending it to a different editor, etc, etc, etc. We’ve all done it too many times.


Submission 1: 1 copy of Beautiful Scruffiness Issue 3 to The Journal: Culture magazine.


Decided to send a copy of One of Many Knots to The Journal: Culture too, nothing to lose, everything to gain, right? I mean, these little glossy gems like Culture and The Crack are brimming with North East titbits. We’ve got to stick together, and help each other if we want to succeed and blow the southerners out of the water with our raw, remarkable talent.

If you never read the review for Beautiful Scruffiness in the Crack, here it is again.


Submission 2:  1 copy of One of Many Knots to the Journal: Culture magazine.