One A Day: Day 30: Morning Walk – Final day

Morning Walk

The woods can’t be that big. The guides were exaggerating yesterday, course they were. I just wanted some time to myself after breakfast, contemplate which one to go with, Sally or Anna, while jacking off to thoughts of them both getting it on with each other. I don’t need a map to get back to camp. There can’t be all those trails the guides were raving about, and surely going off one for a few minutes doesn’t mean you’re in deep shit. They’re just there to make things easier, right? It’s hot today. The smell of the trees is almost too much. Imagine having a car filled with hundreds and hundreds of those pine fragranced air fresheners.

I’m confident I’m walking in the right direction. I keep hearing things, like, sounds of girls squealing. The guides were talking about noises bears make last night around the communal camp fire, but I was trying to get a signal with my mobile at the time. It’s not something I’ll need to know anyway. Fuck. I wish I’d bought some water, and I should have stayed next to the stream really, then again, I pissed in it so… There’s something up ahead. Looks like Sally in the fake fur coat she wore last night. She’s probably come to find me, and that’s all she’s wearing. But it’s too loud and big for Sally. It keeps on coming in and out of view. Its a bear.  I still have a wish from my 11th birthday. I use it, closing my eyes and crossing my fingers and toes. But its still there, sniffing the air eventhough it can see me.  I have my Swiss Army Pen Knife,  and I start carving a crucifix into a tree. Mom and Dad always said call on God when you’re in trouble. I’m probably not in trouble but just in case. Sap starts running like blood. My hands are sticky in moments and it makes it harder to hack at the bark. I can hear it close. It’s growling. I can smell its breath. But this carving should protect me. This should keep me safe. God, please strike that bear down.