A good month’s work

Every day in April, I took a photograph (with one exception, where it was a line of dialogue I heard instead) and wrote a story or short story inspired by it in an hour or less. This project worked immensely well and I’m dead proud of myself! Sometimes, I took more than one picture, so I could have more choice with subjects to write about, but more often than not, the inspiration just came from one single picture, of anything, from a dead pigeon to broken glass. I wrote stories about all sorts, and it enabled me to really branch out from the themes I almost always use in my work. I found myself writing things I’d never envisaged myself being able to write about, i.e. a nice chav, and I felt so free doing it, too. Like I was allowing myself to properly explore, as a writer, what lies beyond my doorstep.

I was delighted when I found one particular story, Delayed, was kicking out of the restraints of a short story. I think, perhaps, I would be able to mould a novel from the characters and their situations without too much trouble at all.

I keep forgetting I’m finished with that project. I momentarily panic and think ‘shit! I haven’t taken a photo yet! I need to get one taken now!’ But I have two new projects to be getting busy with for the duration of May, before I go to Iceland in June. The first is to send at least one writing submission away a day, the other, is to write a letter every day. If you go back to previous blog entries, you’ll find a letter written to my sister and one to my hair, which I have just had cut off.

If you are struggling to find time to write, try what I’ve done. Give yourself an hour to write and see where it takes you, and before you say you can’t find an hour, I’ll say I don’t believe you. You can find an hour if you want to write badly enough, and hopefully, you do.