I’m no good at writing this

Another session on my hair today and I think I’m one away from being blonde. We’re giving it a few days before we set on it again, because my hair needs a bit of a rest. I’m excited. Its going to look so different than what I’m used to.

I finished a very good book this morning called ‘I lick my cheese and other notes from the frontline of flat-sharing.’ By Oonagh O’Hagen, an acclaimed designer. No, wait, keep reading! She’s good. Basically, it is a collection of over 120 notes. They range from the lovely to the filthy to the anger management issue type ones. If you have ever shared a house with anyone, you’ll appreciate this little compilation. The first thing that attracted me to this book was the title, unique as it gets really, and the actual look and feel of the book.

Each section (of which there are four) is coloured the same as those pastel post-it notes.

Photographs of the original notes are in there too, which I absolutely love. Here are a few tasty morsels for you to sample.

These ones are from the section titled ‘I pay the rent. What do you do?’

You know, that I know that you know that I know that you took it…so give it back!

Stop butt flicking into my garden! Your neighbour.

And these ones are from a section titled ‘Why is my bed damp?’

I have put your copy of ‘my whammys are bigger than your pammy’s in your bedroom.

I hate you more than life itself.

Thank you for the lucky shoes. They were worth the pain as they were lucky!! Will introduce you to him.

I’m not good at saying this so I won’t, I’ll write it. Sorry!