The Last Winter

The Last Winter. Why I have only just found out about this film I will never know. It was made for me. Okay, to start with the title is exquisite. I was flicking through my housemates DVD collection and came across this, and I knew, even without its case, that I was going to love it. I just had that feeling. Anyway, so the film stars Ron Perlman of such masterpieces such as The City of Lost Children, Fluke and Looney Tunes: Back in Action and a handful of actors I’ve never heard of before but who match Perlman’s talent easily. The plot goes something like this: An American Oil Company is building an ice road so that they can investigate (and ravage) the remote northern Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Environmentalists work alongside the oil hunters, sending back reports and approving things, sort of. Anyway, one of the group is found naked and very much dead in the snow. The main environmentalist bloke the rugged, likeable one who shags the only good looking bird, suspects that it is sour natural gas that may have leaked out due to climate change and may cause them to have hallucinations and do really rather insane things, like take a video camera outside in below freezing temperatures, when your in the duff. The first dead kid has done the rest of the group a favour though, before Perlman chucks the camera on a bonfire, they see some rather nightmarishly horrible things.

The rugged protector of the planet, the one who is banging the hot girl, remember, has kept documentation of the earth releasing the ‘Last Winter.’ Basically, greedy humans have raised the ‘ghosts’ of the fossil-fuels. I won’t reveal anymore, but there are moments in this film which will haunt me forever. It is beautifully well done and easily up there with my top films, most of which involve  mental asylums, snow and trolls.