Lucky, lucky day

4 is my lucky number, so I figure this month is going to be good for me. It has started amazingly well so far. I am going to Iceland (the country) with Tom for three months in June to do conservation work in the National Parks and Nature Reserves. Just to make you salivate a little, here are some of the landscapes we’ll be working in. Most of the time we will be camping in the wilderness with very few facilities. It is going to be an AMAZING trip and I can’t WAIT! You are certainly going to hear more from me about it over the next couple of months.



The other night I went ‘out on the town’ with my siblings and a few friends. We went to this club called Bad Medicine. Now, I know it certainly lives up to the first part…it was BAD. The music was bloody terrible, each floor had a different price for drinks, the coke was warm and flat and when I handed over £1.40 for a diet coke, I needed to ask for it to be filled more than half way, and it was if I was asking for a favour! There was pole dancers for a good portion of the night, and a gothic one ended up giving me a kiss during her performance, which was…nice. But after a while, it starts to get a bit tedious. Yes, we know you can do some cool moves on a pole and look very sexy in your hardly there underwear while you do it, but can you answer me one question please? Who is the president of the United States? I might have enjoyed it more if I was a bit tipsy, but I hate being in ‘rock’ clubs where 96% of the people there are exhibitionists and/or underage emos/Iron Maiden ‘fans’ who want to get shit faced and laid. I won’t be going back. I’ll sit in my room instead and listen to proper metal. Black Fucking Metal.

Today’s writing has gone really rather well! I have written close to 3,000 words and feel fulfilled enough to get some food and relax for a bit!