Oslo Day 2

Norway, Oslo, February 2011

Take lots of falling snow, a free place to stay (well, okay, we paid in whisky), a cup of PG Tips, cheese, bread and a full day spread out ahead and what do you get? A manically happy Katie, that’s what! Now, when the snow comes down in Norway, it really comes down. Forget the pissy little ‘snow storms’ that we have back on the ‘isle, when half an inch of snow brings the country to a standstill for days, this snow was proper, thick and heavy, promising us a day of damp bodies, cold faces and exciting times. The fag ash grey clouds had set in. Not even waiting in line for about forty five minutes to get served at the Tourist Information Centre could get me down. Now, I’m going to warn those of you who don’t know about the Norwegian’s work ethic – it is, basically, take it slow, take it real slow. Norwegian’s are notorious for this. Anyway, I digress. We spent much of the afternoon wandering around Frogner Park, the largest park in Oslo. Its filled with bronze and granite statues created by Gustav Vigeland. I’m sure they’re not meant to be suggestive in any way…but oh heck, just you check them out. One huge phallus like statue constructed of sculptured people looks like a massive orgy. Just look it up and you’ll see what I mean.



Anyway, after milling around the park we went to the National Gallery and were stunned into silence before the paintings of such artists as Theodor Kittelsen (Varg Vickerness used his work quite often on album covers, etc)


and Adolph Tidemand (Vaklfar used his work, perhaps most famously on Likferd).


It felt, well, how can words really describe it? I mean, to stand there in front of  something you have admired for so many years on the front on an album cover, T-shirt or inside books, to look at the real thing, well, it’s incredible and extremely moving.

Harri treated Tom to a Finnish night in, i.e. got him rather plastered on all sorts while blasting Scandinavian folk music.