Olso – Day One

Norway, Oslo, February 2011 Day 1

I can imagine what the majority of you might be thinking as you read this; Norway, in winter? When you’re on the dole? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. That’s sheer stupidity. Butlins more like or Haggerston Castle, but not the most expensive city in the world. It simply can’t be done on the cheap. Well, I’m proud to say that I am well practised in ‘living on the cheap’, as this was my third time in the picturesque, peculiar place.

Anyway, Tom and I arrived at Oslo Rygge after travelling in style and comfort with the ever reliable Ryanair, only to be stopped, after having our passports checked, by an inquisitive blonde woman, who wanted to know why we were in Norway, what our plans were during our stay, who we were staying with, and so on and so forth. It might have been because she glimpsed the inverted Norwegian flag on my jacket, and the Burzum patch, or it might simply have been because of the recent terrorist attacks in Sweden and we looked as if we might be up to some trouble either blowing up cars or churches.

Subway was the first meal of choice, while we waited for our host, a Finnish dude called Harri, who I had couchsurfed with previously on my travels. A subway was a couple quid more than in England, but I didn’t dare ask for double cheese, or, heaven forbid, anything larger than a six inch. After fuelling up, off it was to stock up on grub for the next few days. If you’re ever in Oslo, make a beeline for Kiwi. Excellent food store with an excellent range of food for good prices. Or as cheap as you are going to be able to get it in Oslo, unless you scrounge it from a bin after shop closing hours. So, we paid a little over a tenner for pasta and sauce, pesto, bread, cheese, ham for Tom, lefse (a delicious traditional Norwegian flatbread)

milk, muesli, and cinnamon rolls. Now, between me and you, that is pretty damn good! The only things we needed to stock up on again was bread, cheese and lefse (because we couldn’t get enough of the stuff.) We met Harri in front of the central station, next to a tiger statue with enormous bollocks and headed to Rock In, a dark, squeeze of a bar with prices that make your eyes water. (But apparently very resonable for Oslo). We only stayed out for one before heading to Harri’s on the T Bane (like the London Underground and just as confusing). Harri was knackered after a day of construction work and we knackered from getting over the North Sea in one piece.