Bully – Poem



My teeth crack like nutshells,

my smile is splattered on the floor.


“Everyone knew you’d arrive

wearing that pink pussy bow blouse, we

saw the rag and bone man leave your house.”


My breath is the only thing I can hear.

It sounds like a waterfall.

In my head, I sing that song,

the Johnny cash one.


This morning, dad said

I was as attractive as

an old tin camping cup.

This is the world,

like pulling wings from the back of a cruel child,

a mug of cocoa with salt in it,

a poem with no ‘fuck’ in it.


This is what God listed,

for me,

hollow dreams,

mistaken passion.

a blurred life.


She is wearing a black feathered cape.

I want to rip each one out,

make some sort of statement

on her immaculately made face.


Until, with her big white grin

she says my name and cries birds.