On impulse

Now, I am not a lover of Greg’s The Bakers and I don’t know what came over me when I felt inclined to walk into that uninspiring factory, but I did and I am in no ways proud of what I did. I spent a massive 85p on a cheese and onion pasty and have never felt so…what’s the word I’m looking for polluted. Yeah, polluted will do. It was cold, tasteless and, well, all in all a grim excuse for a lunch. Now, you are probably wondering why the hell is she blogging about this, of all the subjects in the world. Why the hell Gregs? Well, for someone whose usual lunch is rice cakes, hummus and an apple, venturing into Greg’s is a pretty big deal. Like going (head down) into Starbucks used to be and, dare I even say it, Subway. So, after this disappointment, I spent ages looking for something just as unhealthy, (well, I was on a roll of ‘treating myself’) but hopefully tastier, and I ended up with a chocolate rice krispie bar thing. You know when you’re little and you make Rice Krispie cakes in those teeny, tiny cake cases? Well, this was like six of them in one. Yes, it was cheap, no, it didn’t taste amazing, yes, and it brought back memories of getting Rice Krispies on the floor and the magic of taking them out of the fridge when the chocolate had set.

I am always, always, always on the hunt for new music. Two new albums which have, quite literally, blown me away, are from Swedish Black Metal band Watain and Forteresse, a Black Metal band from Quebec. Both bands I know well and so expect great things. From Watain came Lawless Darkness and here is what Eric, leadman from the band had to say about the album

“The title symbolizes the unbound chaotic potential of that which is void of light. The light that defines, the light that shapes and restricts. The light by which the forces of law and order uphold their reign. In the absence of that light lies the wellspring of WATAIN: in Lawless Darkness.

“With this album and in all of our efforts with WATAIN we aim to capture the hungry madness and glimmering purity of darkness beyond illusion, the void that holds all yet where naught is manifest, the primordial tomb into which all the vanity of man and his creation shall collapse: indeed, The Lawless Darkness!

“Lawless Darkness shall be seen as a monument erected in honour of that collapse and a dedication to all those brave souls, who have willingly dared to venture the winding paths towards it.”


Now, I have only listened to the album about three times through, not enough to give an in-depth analysis but already I feel it’s going to be one of the best things I’ve managed to get my hands on this year. Watain stamp and shit on the stereotype. They are NOT your standard Black Metal band. This album is dark, its evil, its Swedish Black Metal at its fucking best. The artwork too, fucking hell, Watain know, they fucking KNOW how to put together a beautifully grotesque piece of art.

Now, Foretresse are on a different level with Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines. This album flows marvellously. I had it on repeat four times when I was reading last night. Each slow, depressive, atmospheric song flows seamlessly into the next. Some dim witted goons call this album ‘dull’ and ‘unoriginal.’ Absolutely not.  This album is another first-rate release from a band who have never failed to please.

I finished a brilliant book last night (and have half a notebook full of notes taken from it). Pagan in the City (don’t judge by its title. I have a feeling it was the publishers who pushed that name) by Cassandra Eason was a fabulous read. I have needed to increase my knowledge about rediscovering my natural rhythms and the Wheel of the Year for quite some time, and this book helped me do just that. If you follow the cycles of the seasons, it’s worth a look. There is information in there that can more than likely be skipped (some basics I learnt back in school) but there is a lot of interesting reading and much inspiration.

The moon tonight was breathtaking. There was something about it that had me stop in my tracks and just look. The text Tom to look to because I felt I ought to share it with someone I cared about. Many people think I’m overreacting when I get passionate about natural elements and occurrences, but, to be honest, I really don’t care. Nature is what get me fires up. Nature is what influences me, drives me, makes me, and I am not ashamed about getting excited about the beauty of the moon, the sound of the rain, or the little iced puddles. To me, they are all aspects of life which enhance my being here.