It’s getting late, but…

Strictly, it is the 4th today, but I’m pretending we’re still the 3rd. I’m still awake at 01.48 to write this, so I think I have the right to pretend we’re still the day before. Anyway, keeping this routine of ‘two poems a day’ and ‘a blog a day’ leaves me with a real sense of satisfaction and happiness. Okay, okay, so I have ‘missed’ my personal deadline of having it done before the 3rd ends but still, it’s for me and not for a publisher or whatever, so it’s okay…as long as it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s quite funny really, I’m not employed but I end up doing my writing at a ridiculous time. Although, I have to say that at the moment, it is late at night when I am finding my inspiration and drive to create.


I’m not one for fashion, as you’ll be able to tell, but I have to admit that I am developing something of a soft spot for the late Alexander McQueen. My lovely housemate lent me his brand new book about McQueen and I was through it in a couple of hours. It’s understandable why this man is such an iconic figure in the world of fashion and outside it too. All the way through his life he was this unstoppable creative force, right until his untimely death. His creations were not just clothes, they were works of art. I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of his designs and the madness. The themes he used too, spoke of a creative genius, not ‘just a bloke who designed clothes for skinny women.’ The worlds he captured in his shows and collections depicted a man whose vision was constantly evolving.