I’m ready for you 2011 – Show me what you’ve got


Fucking hell. Here we are 2011. I made it and, to be quite honest, I’m rather surprised! But 2010 had enough grim mental health issues and nasty feelings towards myself to fill a heathen’s tankard so out with the old and in with the new I say. Yes, yes, I know well enough that ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ don’t just magically disappear when the clock strikes for the witching hour and we are into a new year, but hey. I’m learning and moving on, so there we go.



I thought I had this year figured out. Do I heckers like. The plan was to move back to Teesside, Boro to be exact, and focus on my writing career while trying to find a job (Ideally, obviously, in the arts or creative industries. But honestly, I reckon I’ll have to fight, claws and all, to get anything remotely decent during my twenties. But I’m no giver upper so I’ll fight for what I want!) so I have enough money for branflakes and fortnightly bottle of elderflower cordial, but t’other day I sent off e-mails to Hungary, Norway, Sweden and Finland enquiring about volunteer work, primarily with youth projects. Don’t get me wrong, I’m eager to start afresh in the Tees Valley, but another part of me is itching, itching to get out of the country again. Yes, I knew I had the travel bug the moment I arrived back in Norway during my trip to Scandinavia. If all else fails and I am unable to make it as a volunteer, then this year will see me back in the North East and my career will be driven full force, my Norwegian (hopefully) inch towards being understandable and my future life overseas in the Northlands be somewhat sketched out. Oh, and I plan to make it back to Norway (sooner rather than later) and ideally, I’d like to make visits to Finland, Estonia and Romania in the summer months. I’ve always wanted to visit the Carpathian Mountains.


The writing aims for this year is to have my novel Anthony finished and try my damned hardest to find a publisher for it, to write two poems a day, every day without fail, (I’ll have a shit load of poetry come next year!) and publish issue 4, 5 and 6 of Beautiful Scruffiness. I also NEED to get my poetry collection One of Many Knots into bookstores and Beautiful Scruffiness too. I’m hoping to get involved in as many literature events back in the North East as I can, maybe even starting up my own. I also intend to take part in some literature festivals across the country, including one held in Middlesbrough, publicising Beautiful Scruffiness, its authors and artists and, when I can, One of Many Knots. Course, other things are going to crop up, like competitions and performances, funding to apply for and launches a plenty, but heck, I’m ready. Oh, and I’ll be twenty five this year. Viking themed birthday party in York…I think so! Skål!