42 Walls – New Poem


42 walls


I don’t like this small space between us.

I watch the land for your coming.

Nobody understands.

They say I’m self pitying,

that maybe buying clothes

I’ll only bundle in my wardrobe and never wear

will make things better.

That if I exhaust myself at the gym,

have showers twice a day

it’ll make my mind wander from the river that is you,

rushing through me.


I would follow you

even to the countries I’m not interested in travelling to,

Turkey, Eygpt, Syria.


I can’t wait for you to meet my Nanna and granddad.

I’d chew cut glass for you,

eat halved lemons, skins and all,

even chunks of Hakarl.*

Some might say I’m a little insane,

I think I’m in love,

kind of.


To me, well,

I hit walls all the time,

but climb over and build small villages

that’ll last for thousands of years.



*Fermented shark.