Restore the balance

Restore the balance


I have paused on the mountain.

I have no choice.

For the time being,

you should remain untouched.

But I will restore the balance.


I am led to the underworld,

before we both wake up

and scream.

They offer me water,

it is dirty and bitter,

but I drink as though it’s

a gift from the gods.


You remain untouched,

in your transparent temple.

You are more colourful

than the graffiti

on the side of the hospital.


You have wild hair,

you will go places,

Pakistan and India.

You will ask the biggest questions,

I will give my best answers.

You will make the world shine.


They let me give you your first meal.

Life isn’t much easier now.

I need to protect you, but

I have a rising temperature in winter.


I make a simple pledge to you,

while you sleep in the shadow of a blanket,

and I shift, on the sheer rock face,

and look down.