In the morning mist

In the morning mist



we laid traps for mice

coming in through

holes in the kitchen wall.


We baited them

with peanut butter.

You let them out, greasy,

into the cemetery,


ate birthday cake for breakfast,

went to work, crumbs on your teeth,

vanilla cream on the insides of your lips.

You went through the morning mist,


tripped, out of sight.

A wet blue rock became deadly,

disturbed your brain.


They said you were still

when they found you.


I watch the morning rabbits

in the damp grass.


Black shadows, strong hands

cement me to the ground

Brutal rain puddles grooved mole hills,

rabbits disappear.


Surrounding arcs of mountains

inspires me, like you did,

but I’m too damp to burn

with hate for the loss of you.


I’ll sit, watching the fields

where that fat, blue rock sat,

(it had your blood on it)

until someone helps me up.