Wolves in the Throne Room

There was absolutely no chance that I was going to miss the Wolves in the Throne Room gig in Newcastle on Monday night. Even if it meant crawling there, I’d make sure I arrived. Fortunately, crawling wasn’t required. Waiting for a train was. I knew from the start that choosing hot chocolate over milkshake or a chi late was a big mistake, and perhaps it was that thought which spurred on the feelings of illness I experienced after the smallest cup imaginable. I don’t know what did it, but I do know I’m never going for the hot chocolate  option again. According to Chris, I looked ‘grim and sad.’ Says it all really. If you want to get words out of Katie, hitch hot chocolate up to her veins and she’ll talk, oh yes, she’ll talk.

Anyway, we made it to Newcastle and fucking hell, it was an EPIC scene which smacked us around the chops with cold hands when we stepped off the train. Newcastle was the new Norway. If I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, I could pretend that I was in Oslo. What REALLY made me laugh was the amount of girls (and lads) in their preppy shoes when the slush puddles came up and over your ankles! Chris and I were armed with boots, and our feet still managed to get well. I can imagine all of these preppy kids being wrapped up in bed today with mugs of low fat cuppa soup and a Holyoaks omnibus.

With eight or so hours to kill, we headed, through blizzard conditions to HMV and found an amazing, and I mean an amazing selection of Black Metal music. Anyway, bread pudding, lots of tea and much, much walking later through snow of EPIC proportions, we arrived at the Cluny for the Wolves in the Throne Room gig. Wodensthrone were the first support band up. Now, the first time I saw Wodensthrone live I have to admit, I was not impressed. For many reasons. One of them being their look. The other being, well, they really didn’t sound particularly good live. But I have to say, hands down, that their performance was FUCKING AWESOME. It’s a shame it was so short really. The second support band doesn’t deserve a mention. Wolves in the Throne Room appeared with a different line to last time I saw them at Hellfest. But it didn’t matter at all. Incense was burning, paraffin lamps were lit, and the atmosphere was hauntingly beautiful. Every song swept through me like a warm wave and I had to close my eyes, (when I wasn’t head banging) just listen and experience. The venue wasn’t massive and the crowd was small and appreciative. We decided against a taxi back to the hostel and instead ended our night in true Black Metal style by walking through the snowy, icy, cold night.

This morning, we headed to the Baltic, one of my favorite and one of the best art galleries in England, after terrorizing a lovely, quiet, folksy café with our loud mouthed antics. There, after being told off, twice , for using a camera inside, we stumbled across what can only be described as a ‘see it to believe it’ exhibition. Until the 20th of February, Dan Holdswoth is exhibiting in the Baltic – GET YOUR ARSES THERE AND SEE HIS WORK. I felt overwhelmed and emotional when I entered the room the photographs were in.

I’m ashamed at England’s response to the snow. The news is being extremely over dramatic and needs to calm down. One headline: ‘What if it doesn’t stop?’ another, ‘Can we afford more bad weather?’ Well we don’t make the fucking choices, you idiots. Mother Nature will do whatever the hell she wants and there is nothing we can do to stop her. We need to grow up and see our over dramatization as exactly that. Wolves in the Throne Room made it over here from the States for fucks sake, and us pussies are freaking out about a couple of roads being closed off and some schools beiung shut. If someone was to come over here from the North lands they would laugh in our faces. This weather is nothing compared with what they have to deal with.