Brand New Blog!!

This will be the last post on My Writing & Creative Endeavours…but you can come on over to my brand new site, and keep up to date with my new works and inspirations.… Continue reading

Feeling Inspired!

This evening I have been feeling insanely inspired, scribbling in my notebook like there is no tomorrow. Nothing makes me feel more complete than putting words on paper. I love what I do… Continue reading

Yule Is Coming!

Yule is coming…get your wintery cards here!  

When You Break For Tea…

After a few hours of really good writing, always, always break for tea! I always like to have a snack with my tea and would like to recommend something which I tried and… Continue reading

Making Lists

I am entirely in love with making lists, and feel extremely out of sorts if I don’t have a list to help me through the day. I usually make my ‘to do’ list… Continue reading

American Horror Story Inspires Me

Greatly inspired by American Horror Story. Everything about the writing is exquisite. Writers, I urge you to start watching this from the first series.

New Photography From Tora Wolff

New Five Minute Poem / Summer In Oslo

Five minute poem. Summer In Oslo I remember the first night of summer in Oslo, exchanging easy conversations with my Norwegian housemate Kristian, a gentle giant with three kids, a soft voice and… Continue reading

New Poetry Recording!

I’ve written a lot of poetry this year…but Witness has to be one of my favourites. It will appear in an upcoming collection but you can listen to it now if you like…here.

The Fashion Witch’s Sanctuary

Originally posted on WYRD WORDS AND EFFIGIES:
I’ve set up a new blog¬† The Fashion Witch’s Sanctuary to document my infatuation with dark fashion and personal style.¬† Lots more stuff to be added…