What’s Been Happening

Okay, so I finished my book ‘In the Hours of Darkness’ last weekend, and since then I’ve been in something of a state of flux. I shouldn’t be surprised really, something similar usually… Continue reading

Stumped For Inspiration?

So, you’ve seen the callout for poetry and prose submissions on the theme of Scandinavian folklore… (I’ve inserted it below, just in case) but you’re stumped for inspiration. Perhaps trolls don’t do it… Continue reading

Where Are All The Creative Writers?

Please share and spread the word. :)

Icelander’s Have A Taste For Rotten Shark

Fancy reading about a rank Icelandic delicacy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Head on over here to the New Heroes & Pioneers to read my latest published article. P.S. If you… Continue reading

My New Book – In The Hours Of Darkness

Pleased to say that my new book ‘In the Hours of Darkness’ is finished. Editing tomorrow then off to the proofreaders on Sunday.

Dying On Facebook

Dying on Facebook I wasn’t expecting the announcement from your Mum on Facebook. She didn’t beat around the bush. This is Jo’s mum. Jo killed herself last night. The night before last you… Continue reading

Arctic Blue / Flash Fiction

A  flash fiction piece from my upcoming book ‘In the hours of Darkness – writings about death and dying.’ Arctic Blue I feed you a handful of pancakes and kiss the white, silky… Continue reading

NordLand Publishing / A Reminder

My business partner presented me with a gorgeous print of our company logo today. Now, whenever I feel my mood drop I can look at it and be reminded that I am part… Continue reading

Use The Pillow Your Mum Sleeps On / New Flash Fiction

This piece will appear in my forthcoming book ‘In The Hours Of Darkness.’ Use The Pillow Your Mum Sleeps On   My Dad wants me to kill him. He wants me to put… Continue reading

NordLand Publishing: Call To Arms