Arctic Blue / Flash Fiction

A  flash fiction piece from my upcoming book ‘In the hours of Darkness – writings about death and dying.’ Arctic Blue I feed you a handful of pancakes and kiss the white, silky… Continue reading

NordLand Publishing / A Reminder

My business partner presented me with a gorgeous print of our company logo today. Now, whenever I feel my mood drop I can look at it and be reminded that I am part… Continue reading

Use The Pillow Your Mum Sleeps On / New Flash Fiction

This piece will appear in my forthcoming book ‘In The Hours Of Darkness.’ Use The Pillow Your Mum Sleeps On   My Dad wants me to kill him. He wants me to put… Continue reading

NordLand Publishing: Call To Arms

Fenrir’s Legion

  I have established Fenrir’s Legion for creative black metallers in Scandinavia. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for people to share their work and what inspires them, and to hopefully… Continue reading

Nordland Publishing

  A few weeks ago I was talking about my desire to set up a publishing company after previous attempts had failed. Well, I have some great news. I now have a business… Continue reading

The Dying / New Flash Fiction

The Dying I can hear the knobbles of my sister’s spine knock against the wooden floor of her bedroom as she sits up and lies back down, over and over. She’s on her… Continue reading

Tumblr Therapy

I am extremely proud to announce that my first piece for The New Heroes & Pioneers has been published! It’s an interview with the MASSIVELY talented artist RubyEtc. Give it a read here!

Terminal / New Flash Fiction

Terminal   When the Dr told me it was terminal, the sound of my breath became distant. It felt as though my internal organs had dissolved, and my bones had somehow sneaked out.… Continue reading

My Photography Used For Music Releases