Quiet Love/New Poem (Rough First Draft)

In the book I’m currently reading, there’s a photograph of a Polar Eskimo man from 1905. I had the idea to write a poem about a women obsessed with the image, and fantasizing… Continue reading


See more of my photography here.


You can see more of my photography here.

Cinnamon Helps

Originally posted on Destination:Norway:
Some of the best memories of my childhood involve cinnamon. I went to a Rudolf Steiner School, settled deep in a beautiful valley called Danby Dale, which was…

Making Sense Of Monday

Do you ever get those days where you get out of the shower, and your hair is all wet and stuff and you’re like ‘I seriously cannot be arsed drying my hair, or… Continue reading

For Fucks Sake, Don’t Lose The Magic

I have a love/hell fire hate relationship with the modern music world. Of course, it’s fucking fantastic to be able to hunt and listen to new sounds, without having to leave the comfort… Continue reading

Snow Sucked Clean/New Poem (Rough First Draft)

Snow Sucked Clean He knows the way home, even when the moon has been consumed. But this night, the air is colder than he can ever remember.   The inside of his small… Continue reading

Ghosts of the Forest

You’re Wearing Makeup? Huh. I couldn’t tell.

I didn’t wear makeup on a regular basis until I turned 20 (I’m 27 now). There were various reasons for this, some of these reasons being: I was anorexic for the duration of… Continue reading

Making Me Happy Today/03

Depression has been like ‘well Katie, this week I’m going to push you to the limit and then beyond. But I’m not only going to be there during the day while you’re awake,… Continue reading